Vacation Breast Augmentation

Vacation Breast Augmentation

I read with interest an article published in the Sydney Morning Herald on 19/11/2014 concerning a new breast augmentation procedure being offered by a New York plastic surgeon that has been dubbed “insta-breasts” or “vacation breasts”.

For a cost of US$2500-3500, the augmentation lasts 24 hours only so has been touted as a procedure one could have prior to a wedding or similar special event and for patients who wish to “try before they buy” a traditional implant breast augmentation.

The surgeon injects saline and a patented, undisclosed chemical into the patient’s breasts increasing their size by one to one-and-a-half cup sizes. The saline and the patented chemical are then resorbed by the body.

I would personally dissuade any patient interested in having this operation. What is wrong with a padded bra? I have the following reservations:

  • The effect is temporary (24 hours only)
  • The treatment is expensive
  • The undisclosed, patented chemical has yet to receive US Food And Drug (FDA) Administration approval, and;
  • There are numerous examples of medical disasters incurred through the use of untested chemical products, be they injected or implanted into patients

Be smart and stay safe. Don’t risk your health with untested medical interventions.