Labiaplasty in Sydney

Surgery to the female external genitalia, for comfort and appearance.

Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure that removes excess vaginal fold skin, but not any vaginal fold skin, just the skin of the labia minora.

First of all the terminology is a little overwhelming so as a brief rundown, the vulva is the area that exists between a woman’s pubic hair and her anus. This area is bounded on either side by the labia majora (“outer lips”). On the inner aspect of the labia majora are the labia minora (“inner lips”). At the top of the labia minora is the clitoris and between the minora is the vaginal opening.

Every woman’s vulva is unique in terms of its shape, size, symmetry and colour. Sometimes the labia minora sit lower than the labia majora and one minora may be larger than the other. The appearance can also change following vaginal delivery. All of these variations are within the realms of normal, however sometimes women are self conscious about looking different from their friends and surgery can assist in these circumstances. A very small percentage of women will suffer physical discomfort from their enlarged labia minora and such patients may also benefit from labiaplasty.

Being a surgical procedure, labiaplasty is not without its risks. Bruising, bleeding and pain are not uncommon and can be managed relatively easily. Infection is uncommon and is easily treated. The greatest potential risk from the surgery relates to scarring and damage to nerves leaving the area numb or worse still overly sensitive.

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