My Philosophy

“…provide my patients with the highest quality personal care and technical expertise in a warm, friendly environment“

“My philosophy is simple, to provide my patients with the highest quality personal care and technical expertise in a warm, friendly environment. I will always endeavour to treat you as I would wish to be treated myself, with professionalism, courtesy and compassion.”

“Every patient I see has arrived at the decision to pursue cosmetic plastic surgery by their own unique path. As individuals our bodies age at different rates and in different ways from birth to our latter years. Together we will decide on which features you would like to improve and those you are happy with but might like to highlight, be they facial, breast or body. For any given problem area there are usually a range of options. During your consultation we will sort through various available cosmetic procedures to settle on a solution that is right for you. For me subtlety is the key. After visiting me your friends and family should comment that you look well rested and refreshed, but never overly-stretched, tight or unnatural.”

“Technical advancements have bought us a range of non-surgical options that can be offered as stand alone treatments or used in combination with surgery. Minimising your downtime is a high priority for me.”

What is in a name? The world of cosmetic surgery Sydney is riddled with confusing terminology, such as cosmetic surgery, aesthetic surgery, plastic surgery, combinations of these and many others as well. The most important thing for patients is the peace of mind knowing that their plastic surgeon has been rigorously trained and is fully qualified with the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons.

Cosmetic and reconstructive surgery are perfectly complimentary pursuits. Just as the techniques I apply in cosmetic surgery are derived from fundamental reconstructive surgical principles, so too do my reconstructive surgery patients benefit from my attention to cosmetic detail.

I maintain a commitment to teaching nursing staff, medical students and the plastic surgeons of tomorrow during their rotations through St Vincent’s and Bankstown Hospitals. I am a conjoint lecturer with the Faculty of Medicine at the University of NSW. “I find teaching incredibly rewarding. It allows me to give back to the health system that trained me and in so doing mold the next generation of doctors into capable, caring clinicians”.

Research is immensely stimulating. It represents the cutting edge of medicine and surgery. The premise is this: through detailed analysis, measurement and reflection advancement is made in techniques and treatments. Today’s scientific research leads to tomorrow’s medical breakthroughs. “Your permission may be sort to participate in research, however your care will never be compromised should you decline”.

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