The Perfect Neck

The Perfect Neck

What makes for ideal neck? A defined jawline, a seamless transition from jaw to neck and a smooth neck contour.

A tell-tale sign of the aging neck is the descent of facial tissues producing jowls. This blurs the transition from face to neck. Fatty neck deposits create a double chin and platysmal muscular bands produce ridging along the neck contour. These ridges are initially temporary, only present on animation be that smiling, laughing or shouting, however they become permanent with the passage of time.

AAs individuals, each patient will have their own combination of problem areas, so addressing the neck is best individualised. To re-establish a defined jawline obscured by jowls a SMAS-based facelift is the most effective treatment. Liposuction or direct surgical excision is employed to remove fatty neck deposits. The key to either technique is avoid removing too much fat, leaving the patient looking gaunt and hollow.

Finally muscular bands can be treated non-surgically with Botox or surgically depending on the severity.

The end result should re-establish facial harmony, without looking tight, stretched or operated.