Case Study : Brow lift

Case Study : Brow lift

Hi there. James Southwell-Keely here, and welcome to my before and after case presentations.

When I examined her, I noted that her right eyebrow had a very different orientation to the left eyebrow. The left eyebrow was classically attractive with an arc reaching at its highest point at the junction between the inner two-thirds of the brow and the outer one-third. Whereas the left brow had slipped below the level of the bony rim of the eyebrow or eye socket on the inner aspect of the eye and presented a more transverse or flatter eyebrow.

When you look at the two now with that in mind, you can see that they are in fact quite different. The actual height difference is only two millimeters out at the highest point. So when I accommodated for those brow height asymmetries, the apparent excess of upper eyelid skin diminished. In fact, she didn’t have too much eyelid skin. She just had slightly sunken eyebrows with the right side more sunken than the left.

She had no past medical history or health problems to preclude this sort of surgery. So having discussed the risks and potential complications with her, as well as the expected outcomes, we proceeded to the operating theater. She had a general anesthetic, and then through minor keyhole incisions in the hairline, that will ultimately being invisible because they’re covered by hair, and two small incisions out through the hair bearing temple, which once again are invisible because of the hair.

I was able to elevate the brow to improve that symmetry, coupling that with a temporal brow lift, which just helps to bring up the outer aspect of the brow. For her, the outer aspect of the brow was not too low, but in time would’ve continued to descend, giving her a sad droopy eyelid appearance.

She recovered very quickly after the surgery. She saw me one week post-operatively for removal of sutures, and was back at work the following week, so one week off work. The swelling diminished very quickly. There was no bruising and at six weeks post-operatively, she looked amazing. So she’s delighted now looking back at herself in the mirror with symmetrical eyebrows and is happy moving forwards.

Anyway, that’s all for today. I hope you enjoyed today’s presentation. I look forward to our next one. Take care and bye for now.