Banish Your Witch's Chin Deformity!

Banish Your Witch's Chin Deformity!

No I am not talking about a green, warty chin as depicted in the movies, rather a knobbly chin that is overly accentuated by a deep groove at the junction between your chin and neck.

It is occasionally seen in younger patients but more commonly occurs as we age. As we age there is a gradual descent of the soft tissues of the face. The chin is no exception. As the soft tissues of the chin start to fall it’s knobbly appearance is accentuated by a deepening of the groove under the chin, the submental crease.

Correction of the problem depends on identifying the underlying cause specific to each individual patient. A clinical decision is then made as to whether the problem is focused on the submental crease, the chin or both.

Treatment options for correction of a deep submental crease range from non-invasive filler injection through to lipomodelling and surgical redefining of the crease.

In addressing the chin your surgeon must determine whether the chin bone requires augmentation (genioplasty) or whether the soft tissues overlying the chin require elevation and re-suspension (mentoplasty).

The good news is that numerous options are available, so talk to your surgeon today about banishing your Witch’s Chin Deformity.