BIA-ALCL or breast implant-associated, a typical large cell lymphoma is a tumour condition that develops in the capsule surrounding breast implants. It's incredibly rare and it's most akin to non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

It is actually a cancer, but it develops from what's thought to be an interaction between the textured surface of some breast implants and the body's immune response to that breast implant. So it definitely does not happen with every breast impact, the more textured the breast implant, the more likely you are to develop this very rare cancer.

However, even with textured implants, it's not a given. So the rights vary according to how textured those implants are and can be as common as one in 3,000 or thereabouts, out to one in 87,000 or thereabouts. So with a range that's that divergent, there's obviously a lot of room for interpretation and confusion. Particularly in the eye and mind of the public.