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Natural Looking Results. Facelift, Mini Facelift, Lower Facelift for Male & Female

Looking to rejuvenate your facial appearance? Dr JSK performs Facelift and Neck Lift surgery to help you achieve a more youthful aesthetic.

Tired of looking tired? Is the face in the mirror an older version of how you feel inside?

So many people feel this way and it is nothing to be ashamed of. If you feel young and healthy it’s only natural to want your face to reflect how you feel. None of us want to look old.

When all the anti-ageing injections, filler injections and creams in the world don’t seem to make a difference any more, the best option for a more permanent result is a facelift.

Over the years, gravity takes its toll and our face descends leaving the upper half looking hollow and the lower half heavy. This inevitable fact of life can also make us look permanently tired, sad or even angry: frown lines become more prominent, the sides of our mouths droop and the skin sags.

A skillfully performed facelift will wind back the clock an average of 10 years and make you appear fresh, giving you that “been on a holiday” look.
The ageing process affects all the tissues of the face from the skin to the bone. In turn, each tissue layer needs to be realigned to create a natural-looking, younger appearance.

A good facelift will leave the skin’s surface smoother without looking taut. More importantly, the deeper facial tissues and muscles are lifted back to a more youthful position, thus creating a more natural and longer lasting result.

Each of us ages at a different rate and to a different degree.
The success of a facelift depends on detailed pre-operative analysis and surgical planning. A wide range of techniques are available to patients, including short-scar or mini facelifts, SMAS-pliaction facelifts, SMAS-ectomy facelifts, subperiosteal midface lifts and volumetric facelifts.

The choice of technique will depend on which features on your face need addressing the most.
You may simply require a mini-facelift or perhaps combination facial plastic surgery will further enhance the results. Some people really benefit from additional eyelid surgery (essential if you are permanently looking tired due to droopy eyelids), a necklift or fat grafting. Anti-ageing injections, fillers and Fraxel round off the complement of options.

With a traditional facelift the scars are placed around the ear and either along or within the hairline. These scars are either short (stopping behind the ear) or long (extending behind the ear), depending on the desired effect.

The amount of work required to lift and reposition the deeper tissue will determine the length of the surgery, which can vary from 2 to 6 hours on average. As the scars are well concealed within the hairline they will be indiscernible within a few weeks.

Post surgery your face will be bandaged on either side and several small drains will be removed from behind your ears the following day.

The amount of swelling varies between individuals and depends upon the extent and depth of the surgery. You should expect to be able to return to normal activities in about 1 to 2 weeks and see the optimum results within 3 to 6 months.

FAQ – Face lift

The aging process affects each of us all at a different time and to a differing degree. When the character lines  and wrinkles on your face become deeper, when your jowls become heavy, when your face starts to square off and when you no longer feel as old as the person in the mirror, then it is time to think about a facelift.

The term “facelift” describes many different surgical operations. Facelifts are best tailored to the individual. There are short scar facelifts, SMAS facelifts, deep plane facelifts, subperiosteal facelifts and volumetric procedures. Each achieves different results with differing downtimes.

Allow your surgeon to guide you through the decision making process. There are many different types of facelift. Best results are achieved when the optimal operation is tailored to the individual patient.

Pain is not a big factor after a facelift. From the first post-operative morning you will only require tablet pain relief. Within seven days most patients are not even taking Panadol.

Swelling and bruising persist for 10-14 days. You yourself will notice minor swelling out to 6 weeks post-op but to the casual observer, this will not be obvious.

There are many surgical and non-surgical procedures that work in beautifully with facelift surgery, each complimenting the other. Surgical examples include brow lift, eyelid lift, neck lift, fat transfer and rhinoplasty. Non-surgical examples include fractionated laser resurfacing, dermal peels, Dermastamp and Dermabrasion.

Bleeding and nerve injury constitutes the highest risks associated with the surgery, although neither are common.

You do not look like a different person after the surgery. On the contrary, you look like a younger, better-rested version of yourself. The surgery winds back the ageing clock but can not stop it.

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Dermal Fillers

Fillers are injectable products used to fill in hollows, depressions and grooves on the surface of the skin.

Fillers are injectable products used to fill in hollows, depressions and grooves on the surface of the skin. In broad terms there are non-permanent and permanent fillers. The non-permanent fillers last around 6 months before being dissolved and absorbed by the body, while the permanent ones last indefinitely.

Non-permanent fillers are purified substances that are similar to a naturally occurring gel-like fluid found in your body. As we age our bodies produce less of these naturally occurring substances. This is where fillers can be used to smooth and plump skin that has lost its volume. Fillers are often hydrophilic, which means they draw water to themselves, so the effect of the initial injection is subsequently augmented by drawing water from the surrounding body tissues into the injected area. This helps prolong the effect of the injection and gives a lovely natural result.

There are many permanent fillers on the market made from numerous different chemical components. While the concept of a permanent filler may sound initially attractive, some patients develop excessive scarring responses, which can be very disfiguring and difficult to treat. Used judiciously fillers can provide wonderfully natural results and may be injected in conjunction with anti-wrinkle injections for non-surgical facial rejuvenation.

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Anti-Ageing Injections

Anti-Ageing Injections

Anti-ageing injections employ a medication that temporarily relaxes muscles and so softens facial lines.

The effect lasts around six months after which time the muscle function and the accompanying lines return.

Anti-ageing injections are a safe and effective treatment for patients looking to refresh their appearance. Patients who have benefited from Anti-ageing injections have often complained;

“I always look like I’m frowning, sad or angry”

“People always ask me if I am ok.”

“I feel like my mouth is dragging down the rest of my face”

Anti-ageing injections are derived from naturally occurring substances. In nature, the bacterium may be ingested by eating spoilt meat and can cause significant ill health. In medicine, however, only microscopic amounts of purified matter are injected under the skin thus causing a targeted but limited effect.

The injected medication attaches temporarily to the nerve endings preventing the nerve signals from stimulating underlying muscles. The muscles of the face are responsible for facial expressions as well as the lines, wrinkles and creases on your face. The skill of injecting lies with relaxing the muscles that are responsible for the lines without stopping normal facial movements. The lines that are most responsive to this treatment are those that disappear upon closing your eyes. These are temporary lines that become more apparent with facial animation, such as smiling, squinting, frowning and so on. Once lines become permanent this treatment may diminish their depth but will not eliminate them entirely. Anti-ageing injections are perfectly paired with one of our other non-surgical treatments. See our dermal fillers page to learn more about achieving a youthful facial appearance.

The anti-ageing injection medication is injected under the skin with a super fine needle that causes minimal discomfort. The injection may cause a small local skin reaction that usually settles within minutes. The injected area should not be massaged or excessively animated after the injection. The treatment takes up to 2 weeks to take full effect.

Our aim is to relax tightened muscles on the face and provide a softening effect to obvious lines and wrinkles. The most popular areas for treatment are; crows feet, glabella “eleven” lines, and forehead lines.

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Skin Cancer

Skin Cancer Surgery

Surgery is the most common treatment for skin cancer.

 offer a full suite of skin cancer surgical services including:
– clinical assessment
– shave, punch and excision biopsy diagnosis
– skin cancer excision & reconstruction
– frozen section assessment
– slow-Moh’s surgery
– Moh’s surgery reconstruction (in conjunction with a dermatologist)
– split thickness skin grafts
– full thickness skin grafts
– composite grafts, especially to nose
– local flap reconstructions, both pedicel and island
– regional flap reconstructions, including fasciocutaneous, muscle & composite flaps
– microsurgical free flap surgery
– perforator flaps
– cartilage grafts
– bone grafts
– cosmetic scar placement
– cosmetic scarring techniques

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